Engaging and encouraging, Get A Life That Doesn't Suck: 10 Surefire Ways to Live Life and Love the Ride explains how ill-equipped most people are to deal with the challenges in work and life and provides the specific "mechanics" to success. Michelle shows that success is a repeatable by-product of living your life in integrity and of making conscious choices every day.

"Michelle's practical and irreverent style make the task of overcoming adversity and creating the life you want a challenge you won't want to miss."
-Erik Weihenmayer, world-class adventurer and the only blind person to climb Mount Everest

For anyone who is bored, disenchanted, or stuck, this book serves up a combination of street-smart wisdom and cheerful irreverence to show you how to enjoy the "ride of your life," regardless of the roadblocks along the way.

With this book you can:

  • Close the gap between your dreams and your real life
  • Learn very specific techniques to make the best of every situation
  • Get the importance of saying what you mean and doing what you say
  • Learn how to thoughtfully respond instead of react to tricky situations
  • Master the 10 Life-Changing Ahas - daily actions that improve your life
  • Get the tools you need to manage yourself and make life easier
"Regardless of life's challenges, it IS totally possible to create "A Life That Doesn't Suck" using the 10 Life-Changing Ahas described by Michelle in this fun-to-read and very meaningful work."
-Susan Jeffers, Phd., Best-selling author of Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® and Life is Huge

"Take responsibility. It's the best and shortest way to a life that doesn't suck. It's an art that can be mastered. Read this book and find the inspiration for your own answers."
-Jurrian Kamp, Editor-in-chief, The Intelligent Optimist Magazine (formerly Ode Magazine)

"Turning negatives into positives is what Michelle's message is all about. As a victim of a violent crime as well as a cancer survivor, I've learned the value of turning lemons into lemonade. As president and visionary of the Cancer Schmancer Movement, I am putting that message into motion."
-Fran Drescher, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Philanthropist, Women's Health Advocate, Survivor